Some Fabulous Car Tricks From The Movies You Can Learn

The majority of the time we aim at specifically encouraging safe driving practices but every then and now it doesn’t damage to have a bit of fun. The following piece is for information purposes only so we are by no means to be held responsible for any problems for your car, anybody else’s car or property.

There, that’s the boring part over with; now let’s look into some fabulous car tricks which you may have in your repertoire with just a small amount of practice and are sure to impress your pals. These tricks are seriously cool . . .

Cadence Breaking

This is not just a cool trick but also the safest way to stop if you’re being chased through the icy streets with a gang of terrorists. This is really taught on advanced driving courses and involves slamming on your brakes . . . then releasing them . . . . then pumping hard again . . . . rinsing and repeating until you stop.


The Donut

This is among the most well known of driving tricks and will are already practiced (but rarely perfected) by many teenager drivers that have managed to escape with their Dads car to the afternoon. It’s really rotating the front or even the rear of your car throughout the opposite wheels and leaves an awesome circular rubber mark on top of the road. Remember that if your parents’ car gets wrecked then you’ll have to tolerate the consequences.



If you happen to be a fictional action hero who can’t die, health Warning – this would only be attempted.

This involves driving a car along balancing using one side with two wheels (you’ll will need to go over a ramp to get the lift) then standing on the raised side from the car while waving to crowds of adoring fans.



It is a favorite trick which you will no doubt have witnessed in countless movies the location where the stunt drivers make it look oh so simple . . . but easy it ain’t. Basically the move involves reversing rapidly in the straight line before quickly turning the wheel in a single direction, locking the front wheels with the foot brake and continuing quickly in the same direction, except this time going forwards. In fact scratch that – don’t try it at all if you plan trying to get this done you’re likely to need a lot of wide open space.

Trail Braking

Racing drivers try this a lot, well, the good ones anyhow. It calls for using your brakes past the entrance of a corner which transfers the weight in the front tires increasing traction and reducing under-steer. Unless you are a top caliber racing driver you need to leave this to the no, professionals and seriously don’t try this one at home.

Handbrake / Parking Brake Turn

This is another great way to escape if you’re in a high speed car chase. What you need to do is to use the park brake while driving which locks up the rear wheels whilst turning the wheel to transfer weight towards the outer rims in the tires which will make the car slide sidewards and allow you to make sharp turns without slowing.

Okay, that’s just a teaser, now let’s settle down and speak sense for just a moment. They’ve got a bit of terrific motors for sale at chrysler san juan capistrano but definitely no room in the car lot to practice an of these incredibly dangerous maneuvers.

Check them out at but bear in mind – drive safely.

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The Upside of Keeping Your Car Clean

cars in a carwash

Spring officially begins on 20 March – the right time to make a fresh start on caring for your car.

In addition to making it more pleasant to drive around in there are many other incentives for keeping your motor looking good.

Clean your vehicle often’ and ‘little

Cleaning your vehicle on a regular basis focuses your attention on it, says Ade Potts, car valeting expert at car care firm Autoglym.

It means you get a sense of what sort of attention it requires and can address any problems promptly.

By way of example, little scratches are easy to polish out manually but deeper ones require specialist treatment.

You can also spot early signs of rust or tyre damage and get them sorted out.

Declutter your motor to spot stains

Potts recommends a little and often procedure for car maintenance.

It’s better to take a clean-as-you-go approach rather than let the car become really dirty and then blitz it.

Clutter will get in the way of noticing stains, nevertheless the sooner they’re spotted and dealt with, the simpler it is to get rid of them.

I think staying with the traditional British approach of your weekly exterior and interior car clean and monthly polish is best.

Enhance your resale value

We’ve all watched those property programmes where the owner struggles to market their run-down house, but then a quick, comparatively cheap makeover has buyers suddenly taking an interest.

It can be employed in a similar way with cars, says Richard Crosthwaite, motoring editor at car valuation specialist Glass’s.

If you’re presenting an auto that’s tidy and clean then you’re giving potential buyers less of a possiblity to talk you down on price.

It can be worth shopping around for any professional valet, as they could have tools and techniques that aren’t available to you.

Choose a valet who charges a competitive price – in the area of £50 – and you may be prone to more than recoup that when you sell.

Clean cars unlikely to get bumped

If it’s looking good, and maybe your car or truck is not as likely to get suffer and bumped scratches.

Peter Rodger, chief examiner at the Institute of Advanced Motorists, says: If your car is dirty then the probability is that people will treat it less respectfully.

If a person is in the supermarket car park with a wayward trolley they’ll probably make every effort to avoid hitting a clean, shiny car, For example.

However, they won’t be so bothered about hitting a rust-bucket.

Impressing other people

Girl polishing red car

It’s not very savvy to overstretch yourself financially to buy a flash motor to impress others.

But taking good care of the vehicle you’ve got will allow you to win others’ respect, while driving round in a wreck could have them looking down their nose at you.

As an example, if you have to offer a senior colleague a lift they will often see your dirty, untidy car as a sign of a slapdash approach in other areas of your life – like your work.

When a prospective partner is put off by the condition of your car, as well as there’s always the possibility of a budding romance biting the dust.

55% check state of date’s car

Some 55% of women check to see how grubby their suitor’s vehicle is and use this to assist inform their decision on whether to accept an offer to travel out for the second time.

This is based on a recent survey by car accessories retailer Halfords.

Festering food and sweaty sports gear were cited as major turn-offs but the worst offender was the prospect of oily dirt around the passenger door.

Some 37% were worried this would stain their dress or coat, leaving an enduring – though not very happy – memory of their date.

Win an Autoglym car cleaning kit!

Is your car in need of a great spring clean?

Confess via Instagram and you could win an Autoglym cleaning kit. Don’t let your waste go to waste!

The best way to enter

Take a photo of the messy motor

Share it on Instagram with the hashtag #Instagramnesty

The dirtiest car, as chosen by us, will likely be crowned winner

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